Animal Ethics

Why would humans have the right to exploit non-human animals? What moral obligations do we have towards non-human animals and how are they derived? The Animal Ethics section addresses these questions and presents some considerations to answer these questions.


  • The Argument from Species Overlap
    If we are allowed to kill non-human animals, are we also allowed kill humans?
  • Arguments Against Veganism
    The most common arguments against veganism - and how to refute them.
  • The Moral Status of Non-Human Animals in the Social Contract. - Possibilities of an Anti-Speciesist Contractarianism
    Contractarian moral theories are facing more difficult conditions in granting direct moral status to non-human animals. Can nonhuman animals be part of the social contract?
  • Global Justice and Non-Human Animals
    How does the global world order impact the sitaution of non-human animals? And to what extent did colonialism, capitalism and unequal global power relations play a role in the global expansion of speciesism?