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  • Unconditional Anti-Oppression - The Rise of Anti-Speciesism in the Anarchist Movement
    Veganism and anarchism. Negotiation is over. Moving beyond liberal veganism.
  • The Problem with Dog Analogies in Antispeciesism
    Even though "Western" society views dogs as unique and doesn’t exploit them for food, dogs are still victims of speciesist violence. "What if they were dogs?" is a misguided and harmful analogy from which we should distance ourselves.
  • Is 'Infighting' Destroying the Movement?
    As individuals who have taken a critical stance of the mainstream vegan movement, we often hear that there's too much infighting in the activist community. What is infighting and who is to blame for it?
  • The Left and Speciesism
    Why does the speciesist Left continue to deny and make a mockery of anti-speciesism? Why do they like to say that being anti-speciesist detracts from one's work towards ending other types of oppression - when they would never suggest a zero-sum situation about other social justice movements?
  • Vegan Purism
    Purism is likely the most unattractive (and right-wing) quality of modern mainstream “veganism” and probably our number one obstacle to gaining strong solidarity from other socio-political (Left) movements. What is "vegan purism" and how can we respond to it?